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As independent insurance agents, we can compare quotes from different sureties and bonding companies to help you find a competitive rate. 

Many bonds can be issued same-day.  Place make sure that your phone number and email address are correct and we will contact you.


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Over 2000 Types of Surety Bonds Available

What is a surety bond?

A Surety Bond is an agreement that is subject to the Bond Form. The surety bond is generally required for monetary compensation for failure to perform specified acts referenced in the bond form.  The term "bond form" is another way to say that type of bond that is required. 

A more thorough definition is: When a first party (obligee) calls upon a second party (principal) to perform duties in contract form, a surety bond is issued by a third party (surety), guaranteeing that the second party will fulfill an obligation or series of obligations to the first party. In the event that the obligations are not met, the first party will recover its losses through the bond.

How do I get a surety bond?

Surety Bonds and Fidelity Bond requirements vary based on the bond type.  Some bonds have short applications and can be issued immediately from our office.  Other bonds may require a completed application and a financial statement.

Our easy application bonds are listed on our bond quote request page.  If you are looking for a bond that is not listed on the page, please fill out your information on the bond quote request page and then write the type of bond that you seeking in the comment box on the bottom of the form.

What types of surety bonds are available?

This is a partial list of surety bonds that are available.  If you do not see the surety bond that you are seeking or if you are seeking a contractors bid bond, please contact us.


Quick Surety Bond Quote Links:

  • General Surety Bond, Fidelity Bond, Judicial Bond, ERISA Bond Quoting
  • Concessionaire Bond
  • Concierge Bond
  • Bail Agent Bond
  • Duplicate Title Bond
  • DME POS Bond
  • Insurance Adjuster Bond
  • Notary Bonds
  • Nurses Registry Bond
  • Process Server Bond - other states
  • Florida Process Server Bond
  • Release of Lien Bond (Release of Mechanics Lienbond)
  • Salvaged Title bond
  • All other bonds
  • This is a partial list of bonds, but we sell many more bonds than this, so if you do not see your bond here, please contact us:

  • $50,000 Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond
  • Airlines Reporting Corporation Bond
  • Auctioneer/Auction Company bond
  • ATV / Motorcycle Dealer Bond
  • ATV / Motorcycle Wholesaler Bond
  • Barber School Bond
  • Bond For Missing Beneficiary, Lost Note Or Trust Deed, Or Failure
  • Bond of Finance Lender and/or Broker
  • Bond of Seller (Sales Tax Bond)
  • Bond Accompanying Stop-Notice Public Work
  • Business Partner Automation Bond for the DMV
  • Business Services Bond
  • California Process Server Bond
  • Certificate of Title Bond
  • City of Chico Excavation Permit Bond
  • City of Fresno Street Work and Excavation Bond
  • City of Los Angeles Sewer/Storm Drain Connection Bond
  • Commercial Requester Account Bond
  • Community Care Bond
  • Company Registration Bond - Structural Pest Control Board
  • Concessionaire Bond
  • Concierge Bond
  • Contractor's License Bond Form
  • County of Sacramento Encroachment Permit Bond
  • Credit Services Organization Bond
  • Customer Service Bond
  • CVR Performance Bond for Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Dance Studio Bond
  • Driving School Owner or All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Training Organization Bond
  • Employee Dishonesty Bond
  • Employment Agency Bond
  • Employment Counseling Bond
  • Florida Mobile Home Dealer Bond
  • Food Cart Bond
  • Food Stamp Bond
  • General All Purpose Bond
  • Georgia Public Adjuster Bond
  • Health Care Surety Bond
  • Highway Encroachment Permitee Payment Bond
  • Highway Encroachment Permitee Performance Bond
  • Home Study Traffic School Bond for Los Angeles
  • Insurance Adjuster Bond
  • Insurance Broker Bond
  • Janitorial Bond
  • Job Listing Service Bond
  • Lessor-Retailer Vehicle Surety Bond (for Leasing Companies only)
  • License Permit Bond
  • License Permit Bond (Term Bond)
  • Lost Instrument Bond
  • Lost Note and Deed of Trust Bond
  • Louisiana Public Adjuster Bond
  • Louisiana Public License Tag Agent Bond
  • Mobilehome, Commercial Coach, Truck Camper, or Floating Home Bond
  • Mobile Home Dealer Bond
  • Mortgage Broker Bond
  • Motor Vehicle - Defective Title Bond
  • Nassau County License Bond
  • Notary Public Bond
  • Nurses´┐Ż Registry Bond
  • Patient Trust Bond
  • Pawnbroker Bond
  • Pennsylvania State Board of Barber Examiners Barber School Bond
  • Probate Bond
  • Process Server Bond
  • Public Adjust Bond
  • Public Insurance Adjuster
  • Public/Private Partnership Agreement Bond for the DMV
  • Qualifying Individual Bond
  • Recreational Dealer Bond - RV Dealer Bond
  • Registration Service Surety Bond
  • Reno Excavation Bond
  • Release of Lien Bond
  • Release of Stop Notice Bond (Private Works)
  • Release of Stop Notice Bond - Public Works
  • Relocation Permit Bond
  • Sales Tax Bond
  • San Diego Gas and Electric Surety Bond
  • Seller of Travel Bond
  • Special Lines' Surplus Line Broker Bond for $10,000
  • Subordination Agreement Bond
  • Suppliers of Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics and Supplies Medical Program
  • Surplus Line Broker Bond
  • Tax Preparer Bond
  • Texas Public Adjuster Bond
  • Traffic Violator School (TVS) Owner Surety Bond
  • Trustee/Receiver In Bankruptcy Bond
  • Undertaking Bond
  • Undertaking of Corporate Surety
  • Utility Deposit Bond - Southern California Edison and other Utilitlies
  • Vehicle Verifier Bond
  • Vendor Bond - Business Service Bond
  • Vendor Bond - Sales Tax Bond
  • Yacht and Ship Broker Bond.

More Bonds added in 2015

  • Bainbridge Island Right of Way Bond (WA), $10,000
  • City of Bellingham Street Obstruction Bond (WA), $5,000
  • City of Bonney Lake Street Restoration Bond (WA), $5,000
  • City of Lakewood Street Excavation and Obstruction Bond (WA), $5,000
  • City of Olympia Street Excavation and Obstruction Bond (WA), $5,000
  • City of Puyallup Street Obstruction Bond (WA), $5,000
  • Pierce County Street Obstruction Bond (WA), $5,000
  • Town of Ruston Street Obstruction Bond (WA), $5,000
  • Oregon Contractors License Bond $20,000 and below with no prior claims (OR), various
  • Landscape Bond (OR), $3,000
  • City of Hood River Street Opening Bond $15,000 and below (OR), various
  • City of Portland Street Opening Bond (OR), $2,000
  • City of Salem Street Easement/Opening Bond (OR), $5,000
  • Landowners Water Well Bond (OR), $5,000
  • Sewage Disposal Service Installer/Pumper Bond (OR), $5,000
  • Sewage Disposal Service Pumper Bond (OR), $5,000
  • Vehicle Verifier Bond (CA), $5,000
  • Tax Preparer Bond (CA), $2,000
  • Professional Photocopier Bond (CA), $5,000
  • Insurance Adjuster Bond (CA), $2,000
  • Waste Tire Hauler Bond (CA), $10,000
  • Insurance Broker Bond (CA), $10,000
  • Plumbers License Bond (ID), various
  • Well Driller Bond $10,000 and below (ID), various
  • HVAC Bond (ID), various
  • ERISA up to $100,000 for qualified accounts (All States), various




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