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Sample Claims - Training Schools & Tutors

  • General liability: A student of the public speaking school
    slipped and fell in the school’s restroom. The resulting
    injuries were a broken arm and sprained knee. The student
    filed a lawsuit against the school for pain and suffering,
    medical bills and rehabilitation expenses. The lawsuit was
    settled in the amount of $68,000 and $7,000 were paid in
    defense expenses.

  • Professional: A mother claimed that the learning center
    failed to render professional services in tutoring her child for
    the SAT’s he is now unable to get into the college he wanted
    to attend. The parents brought a lawsuit against the school
    for the cost to hire a special tutor and a refund of their money
    paid to the learning center. The claim was settled in the
    amount of $10,000.

  • Abuse or molestation: A student attending a dance school
    brought a lawsuit against the school alleging negligent hiring
    of an instructor who improperly touched her during a lesson.
    Attorneys were hired to defend the school. The case was
    dismissed after no negligence was found on the part of the
    school. Defense costs were paid in the amount of $35,000.
    u Medical payments: A student at a modeling school tripped
    and injured herself. She cut her leg and required stitches.
    Her medical bills were $2,500. Although there was no
    negligence on the part of the school, she was reimbursed the
    $2,500 for her medical bills under the medical payments
  • Property: A fire began at the insured’s premises when an
    employee of the computer instruction school plugged in the
    computers. The fire caused $80,000 in building damage
    along with $36,000 in damages to business personal
    property. While the damages were being repaired, the
    computer instruction school had to shut down for two
    months. This resulted in a business income loss of $15,000
    along with $10,000 in extra expenses to get the school up
    and running again. The entire loss came to $141,000 in
    damages and the claim was settled for the insured’s

  • Equipment breakdown: An on premises power outage
    occurred causing the insured’s freezer to shut down and the
    food in the freezer to spoil. An equipment breakdown claim
    was made for the $5,000 of spoiled food. A claim was
    presented and the insured was reimbursed for their loss.


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*DISCLAIMER: Sample claims may be based on real cases or fictional examples and no coverage is guaranteed or afforded by any information provided on this page or this website. Your policy may  or may not have any of the coverages shown in this sample. Policies vary based on terms, coverages, conditions, and exclusions  Please check with your state and local jurisdiction for rules on operating a business. Coverage options vary by business, location, and are all subject to underwriting approval. The information is purely for educational purposes and not quoted from any legal source. This document does not amend, extend or alter the coverage afforded by the policy. For a complete under standing of any insurance you purchase, you must read your Policy, Declarations Page and any Endorsements, and discuss them with your broker. Your actual policy terms and conditions may be amended by Endorsement or affected by state laws.

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