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Boat Insurance with a DUI, DWI, Wet and Reckless, or other violations
Having a DUI, DWI, or "Wet Reckless" on your driving record can certainly raise the price of your insurance, that's why it is crucial to shop the different companies. With our offices being located vary close to a popular coastal area, we run across boat and personal watercraft lovers frequently, which helps us to understand their needs.

We work with many boat, yacht, and personal watercraft insurance carriers to help you find the the balance of price and coverage that you are seeking.  Some boat carriers may drop you for being convicted of a DUI, having a suspended license, or simply having too many points on your record. 

Although the penalties from the state and DMV may be lesser for being convicted of a "wet reckless", many insurance companies treat this violation the same as a DUI. As a specialist in boat insurance for people with DUIs, we can help by comparing the rates of many insurance companies to help you find the right balance of price and coverage.  Calling us is like contacting several companies at once.

We can also help if you have a motorcycle and need an SR22 or FR44.


Boat Insurance, DUIs, and DWIs.


Being an insurance agency that works with clients that have DUI / DWI charges, we work with many top-rated insurance carriers that offer many different levels of coverage backed by excellent financial stability (as represented by their financial ratings).  Many of our clients are surprised when we tell them that we can help them obtain coverage from an A-rated insurance carrier at such a low price.  Our agents work to stand by your side through both the great and not-so-great times in your lives. 

We can help people with a variety of needs, whether you are looking for the minimum amount of liability insurance to high limits with full coverage and other benefits. 
Our goal is to help you find the best combination of price and coverage right from the start, so that we can form a long term relationship with our clients.  In most cases, as your policy approaches the renewal date, we will shop the market again for you and let you know if we can find a better deal when your current policy expires.  When the DUI or other violations start to leave your driving record (or no longer affect the cost of your insurance), we can help you find an even more competitive rate by comparing the rates of other carriers.
Even if you license is suspended or your case if still pending, do not wait until the last minute to call.  We can review your situation to develop a timeline and pan of action based on your specific situation.
Contact us today, or request a call back, and we can start working for you!



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