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DUI Insurance | SR22 Insurance 
FR44 Insurance | Non-Owner Insurance


Auto Insurance for drivers with a DUI, DWI, OVWI, or OUI. Non-owner Insurance. Quotes available in 50 States.

We welcome Clean Records Too!
FR44 Filings, SR22 Filings and Insurance Policies with Payment Plans
Have you been dropped by your auto insurance company? Need new insurance, an SR22 filing or FR44 filing?

Fast Quotes

Most quotes are available in the same day.  We will email you a quote and can text you when it's ready. We use electronic signatures to help quickly. Standard texting rates apply.


Same Day Insurance ID Cards

ID Cards can be sent to you electronically along with a copy of you SR22 filing or FR44 filing. You can print your card and keep it with you after you purchase your new insurance


We Can Help - with or without a car

Whether you have a DUI or DWI, a ticket for driving without insurance, a lapse in coverage, or need a non-owner insurance policy, we can help.


Auto Insurance in All States

We can help with auto insurance in all states.  Non-owner insurance quotes are available in over 44 states.


Stratum Insurance Agency LLC has been helping people with tickets, accidents, and SR22s for over 10 years.


Let a leading insurance agency that focuses on DUI and DWI Auto Insurance with SR22s and FR44s help you find new insurance.  


What makes us different? We are an insurance agency and we can file the SR22 or FR44 for you electronically.


As an independent insurance agency, we work with many top-rated insurance carriers to help you find a great combination of price and coverage for your needs. We are an agency that works for you and does not sell your information to other agents, like so many websites do. Our dedicated, friendly, and efficient team is ready to help you, online, by phone, or in person.


Unlike many companies that are only out there to help drivers with spotless records, we realize that life happens, and that everyone still needs insurance. We understand your situation and want to work to build a long-term relationship with you. When the DUI or DWI fades away, we can help re-shop your insurance. As your needs change, our team will be there to help.  


In many states, after having a DUI, you will need an SR22 filing, an FR44 filing, or a financial responsibility filing. We can help with this filing electronically, where available, or even issuing them to you the same day in our office.


Remember that electronic filings and filing times vary by state.  Some state DMVs or similar entities process them quickly, some take longer, and some do not accept electronic filings.



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Stratum Insurance Agency is the leader in auto insurance for people with DUIs and DWIs. 

Insurance ID cards and proof of insurance can often be sent in the same day. 


Our team works for you to make the process of finding new auto insurance easy. Remember to ask us about home insurance, renters insurance, and motorcycle insurance as well. We can often find discounts by putting more than one insurance policy with the same company.


E-signatures are now available on most applications, making things easier for you while helping to reduce waste and protecting the environment.

The auto insurance carriers and motorcycle insurance carriers with whom we work can help drivers with:


  • DUIs & DWIs & OVWIs
  • SR22 filings - same day available in most situations
  • FR44 filings - same day available in most situations
  • Motorcycles and SR22 or FR44 Filings
  • Multiple points
  • Suspended Licenses
  • Foreign Drivers Licenses
  • Clean Driving records
  • And other tricky situations...