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Dance School Insurance, Dance Studio Insurance
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There are many coverages available for dance schools and dance studios.  It is important to purchase the right combination of coverages to protect yourself and your business.  At Stratum Insurance Agency LLC, our team has direct access to many insurance carriers that offer a broad array of options.

Take a moment to review the available coverages below.  When comparing policies it is important that you understand what is included and what is excluded from the coverage.

There are many important questions to ask when buying dance studio insurance:

  • How long does it take to get a quote? Most quotes are available in the same day and both dance school and fitness center policies can be set up within 24 hours.

  • My landlord says that I only need general liability, why do I need the other coverages?  Your landlord is generally concerned about his or her protection in the event of a claim for general liability.  Take a moment to review the sample dance studio insurance claims to learn why you need a combination of coverages.  If your profession is teaching dance, the professional liability insurance is a key part of the package.

  • Can I get a quote in any state? A member of our team can help with quotes in over 40 states.

  • Is property coverage available or are other coverages available? Yes.  We can quote your business personal property, such as your equipment.  If you are a renter and have upgraded your space, ask about tenant improvement coverage and if you are a building owner, we can obtain a quote to insure the entire building. Business Income Coverage is available as part of the general liability policy.  Separate policies are available for workers compensation, cyber liability, commercial auto, crime insurance, employment practice liability insurance, directors and officers insurance, and more.

  • What if I have multiple location? You can insure multiple locations on one policy and you can decide if you want just the liability coverages or property coverages at each location.

  • What if I train off the premises? We sell policies that extend of your primary location.  Make sure to read the next question.

  • What if I am just an independent contractor and I teach at other people's locations. We sell dance instructor and personal trainer policies.  Please use this link to obtain a quote.  Same day quotes and proof of insurance is available. Discounts are available to certified instructors.

  • What if I hire independent contactors to work as instructor? Most policies require that your independent contractors have general liability and professional liability insurance.  If you obtain a quote from another agency and they do not mention this requirement, make sure that you have confirmation in writing that this is not required, because it is a common requirement and it is often overlooked. Please use this link to obtain a quote.


  • What about injuries to participants? Did you know that many dance school insurance policies have exclusions that do not coverage injuries to participants, medical payments for such injuries, and liability claims that arise as a result of someone participating in your dance classes?  We offer accident medical policy quotes to assist with coverage options for such risks. It is important to consider purchasing general liability, professional liability, and and accident medical policy to protect yourself and your business. We have options with and without exclusions like the one referenced here.

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Coverage Options


Types of Dance Schools

  • General Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Abuse and Molestation Coverage
  • Commercial Auto (vans, cars, trucks)
  • Property - Business Personal Property
  • Property - Building Coverage
  • Business Income Coverage
  • Directors and Officers Insurance
  • Employment Practice Liability Insurance
  • Workers Compensation
  • Surety Bonds
  • Cyber Liability
  • Not all coverages available in all locations

  • Dance School Insurance
  • Pole Fitness Dancing Insurance
  • Belly Dancing Insurance
  • Ballet Insurance
  • Pilates Studio Insurance
  • Yoga Studio Insurance
  • Private Tutor Insurance
  • Dance Group Insurance
  • Vocational School Insurance
  • Specialty School Insurance
  • Language School Insurance
  • Music School Insurance


Dance School Insurance, Ballet School Insurance, Fine Arts School Insurance. Vocational School, Trade School, Specialty School, Training School Tutor, Educator, School Insurance

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