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Types of Commercial Insurance

General Liability
Professional Liability
Surety Bonds
Crime Insurance
Directors & Officers
Workers Comp
Cyber Liability






Include the type of item to be insured, the year, and the value. 


- 2005 Tractor $12000

- 2003 Food Cart $5000







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Equipment Insurance & Inland Marine Insurance

Why buy inland marine coverage or equipment coverage?




Whether you have a food cart, a tractor, a windmill, a generator, or something else to protect, Stratum Insurance Agency LLC can help you find coverage.

Coverage for equipment is available as a stand-alone policy or as part of a package with general liability (and possibly other coverages).

The small business team at Stratum Insurance is ready to help you find the right type of policy with their years of experience. 

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What's the difference between the various types of property coverage?

Did you know that there are different portions of a policy or types of policies intended for signs vs. inventory or glass vs. furniture?

What about mobile equipment vs. your equipment at your studio or office? This is one of the many reasons to work with the small business team.  While your current policy might have coverage for "business personal property", that may be limited to the location that is insured on your current policy. Stratum can help with both property and equipment that is at your location and that you take away.


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Sample businesses that may need unique coverages that may not be found on a standard policy.
How can the Stratum Insurance Agency Small Business Team Help? We have a variety of options available for over 1000 business types, whether you are looking for quote that includes general liability and property coverage or just your property.

Here are several examples of the options that are available:

  • Coverage for property at your office or home-office and off premises
  • Coverage for liability on location and off location
  • Coverage for equipment that's permanently away from your primary location
  • Sign Coverage
  • Fences, Gazebos, Sheds, and more

Do not assume that something is covered under a policy.  If you have current coverage, contact us to ask about additional items or to review your current policy with you. The easiest way to start is to fill out the form below so that we can gather the basic information about your business.


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